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1. Christian Invention

2. Classification of Sermon

3. Hermeneutic and Homiletic

4. New Homilectic and New Preaching Method

5. Illustration for Sermons

6. On Flower Preaching

7. On Three Preaching Styles of

8. Organic Preaching : Be Free
and Creative!

9. Preaparation of Sermon in
Actual Process

10. Sermon Introduction and

11. Theology of Suffering and

12. Topical, Textual, Expository Preaching

13. What is Narrative Preaching?

14. Night Ministry Sermon

15. The Problem of Allegory
in Origen

16. Cicero and Augustine

17. Invitational Rhetoric, Persuasion and Preaching

18. Creativity and Homiletics

19. and so forth

Chrysostom Institute of Homiletic

Chrysostom Institute of Homiletic was founded while dreaming and envisioning a revolutionary renewal of the ministry of preaching all over the world.
Proclaiming the truth, justice, and mercy of God without fear; rather with courage, just as Chrysostom did long time ago.
Chrysostom Institute of Homiletic exists to give birth to another contemporary Chrysostoms by nurturing and commissioning them to transform the world by the truth.
Chrysostom Institute of Homiletic
was founded to provide desperate help to preachers.


Although preaching is the most important ministry, it has been the least taught, studied, and researched.
Chrysostom Institute does research, translation, and publishing of scholarly homiletic resource; it also teaches preaching through intensive seminars online. The Institute offers online preaching consultant to preachers.
The Institute has three language staffs, who can work cross-culturally among different continents.
Furthermore, the Institute helps the third world preachers who cannot obtain enough homiletic training, which often is offered by intensive homiletic seminars.
It also encourages local preachers to organize feedback groups among preachers centered on lectionary.
Finally, the Institute envisions founding College of Preachers in Korea and other countries that do not yet have College of Preachers for continuation of education for preachers.
Challenging such serious problem in the preaching ministry gave birth to a world which envisioned transformation of preachers to be progressive Biblical preachers with justice, mercy, forgiveness, the love of the cross, and the fire of the Spirit.

We invite you to join this awesome ministry with your prayers!
Thank you!


Founder: Dr. Richard H. Park

ThB/MDiv/ThM : Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary
Graduate Study : Seoul National University, Boston University
                         and Dallas Theological Seminary
MA/PhD : Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley

Professional History:
Korean Army Chaplain
Youth Pastor(Macheon/Somang Church)
Mission Organization Staff(Worship & Praise)
Lecturer (Presbyterian College and Daejeon Presbyterian Seminary)
Associate Pastor(Palisades Church), Senior Pastor(San Jose United Church)
Assistant Professor of Homiletics (Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary)
Associate Night Minister(San Francisco Night Ministry)
Founder (Chrysostom Homiletic Institute)
Professor/Dean for Graduate School (Mexico Presbyterian Seminary)

Selected Publications:
         Organic Homiletic: Samuel T. Coleridge, Henry G. Davis and the New Homiletic
                 America University Studies, Series VII, Theology and Religion, No.251
                                     New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2006
         Rhetorical Situation and Aisan Theology for Transformational Preaching
                      Academy of Homiletic Annual Conference
                            West Palm Beach, Florida, 2006
         Invitational Rhetoric of Feminism, Academy of Homiletic Annual Conference,
                         Williamsburg, Virginia, 2005
         Invitational Rhetoric and Theology of Preaching
                       Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, Ph.D seminar, 2004
         Revisiting the New Homiletic with Kierkeggard and Peter Elbow
                       Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, Ph.D seminar, 2004
         Language and Truth: Dialogue in the New Homileticsm (MA Thesis)
                       Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, 2003
         The Problem of Allegory in Origen
                       Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, PhD seminar, 2003

        Cicero and Augustine: De Doctrina Christiana IV
                       University of California, Berkeley, PhD seminar, 2002
          Augustine's Homiletic on De Doctrina Christiana IV (ThM Thesis)
                      Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary, Seoul, 1995