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                                                                                           Preparation of Sermon in Actual Process

                                                                                                           Dr. Richard Park


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Already I told you about sermon preparation process when I taught you about Flower Preaching. Do you remember? However I like to discuss here more about preparation process of sermon. I want you to know more about this important process. How do we make sermon? Through what process do we make sermon? What happens when we make sermon? For me, sermon should grow like tree throughout one week. If sermon is born on Saturday just before Sunday when you should preach, that sermon is like immature baby not grown up. Do you remember what I have told you in my Flower Preaching lecture?

Preacher should start his preparation of sermon from Sunday evening or Monday at least Tuesday. He should pray and decide his text and free-writing messages in one or two pages after praying and asking with text. And she also has to write manuscript until at least Tuesday.

And then he should continue to read and edit his manuscript each day until Sunday. Each weekday until Sunday she can add, cut, and edit her sermon. Until first draft of her sermon as manuscript she doesn’t need to go to other resources other than Bible, Holy Spirit, and preacher herself. But after she finished her first manuscript, now it is time for her to refer to books, commentaries, theological books etc if necessary. Also she can live with the sermon topic throughout the week. She can watch nature, TV, listen to conversation of people, his own experience etc, and if she gets something related to her sermon she can add. But while reading again everyday and if she feels something unnecessary she should cut out.

She reads sermon once or twice everyday and practice her delivery, using Augustine’s three style delivery. But on Sunday she is free even on the pulpit. She has freedom to bring whole manuscript or Flower Preaching outline. But it is important to listen to the Holy Spirit. After preaching the sermon on the pulpit when preacher comes back home now it is time to finish the final sermon manuscript. And now her preaching ministry is finished!

Thinking of all this explanation about sermon preparation, let us read this article. You can underline or making note while I read this article and then later we will discuss. This article is not perfect and sufficient because it deals with only old homiletic and its preparation process but it is important to understand all this process as basic understanding of sermon preparation. This article introduces only vertical outline structure not like Flower Preaching outline.

These are discussion question for you:

1.      What did you learn from this article?

2.      What can you apply for your preaching ministry from reading this article?

3.      What does this article tell about the relation of Bible, Holy Spirit and Preacher?